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Makin’ Elvis & Johnny Proud!

“A crazy-ass band of unbelievably talented misfits. Rowdy, irreverent, talented and cool. Do NOT miss this band!”

~Danny O-Donnell, Cowboy Lifestyle Network

Hard Livin, Big Rockin, Country Lovin… CASH PRESLEY! “We have been touring & playing together for so long that we have blurred the lines between family, friends & bandmates… through a lot of blood, sweat and whiskey.” The members of this band have come together to form a family built around their love of music and live performance. They have been labeled “rowdy” by some and “the best live band you will ever see” by others. What’s certain is they will bring it every night, give you everything they’ve got and will do what it takes to make sure that TONIGHT’S SHOW is an unforgettable experience!

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